Communicating with Ryan

In an effort to be more productive, I have established a set of guidelines for how I will use various communication mediums. In an effort to set the expectations of others, I am sharing those guidelines here.

In general, I prefer that you send me email when a response is either not required or not needed that day. That said, I will generally try to respond to an email by end of each day. When you need a response from me within an hour or two, I prefer either SMS text messages or a phone call.


In an effort to reclaim my life from my email inbox, I plan to read email just twice a day. Once around 1 pm, and again around 8 pm. Please do not expect that I have read your email sent late the previous evening until 1pm the following day. I will generally not respond to email that do not require a response.

Phone & Voice Messages

I will not answer a call if I do not recognize the caller's name or number as provided by caller ID. I expect that people with important calls will leave a voice message or try another medium, such as SMS text message. I will make every effort to listen to a voice message ASAP. I will return important calls ASAP. Other calls will be returned at my convenience.

Text Messages (SMS)

I will generally read text messages as they come in, and respond when necessary. I prefer receiving messages that do not require a response via email.